Good Luck Mountain

Artist: Good Luck Mountain

Release Date: 04.12.16

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1. Softly Tonight
2. The Seven Sisters
3. More Than A Feeling
4. Requiem For Andrew
5. On Faith
6. Heaven In The Haze
7. On Returning
8. Wayward Blues
9. The Perfect Circle

Album Description

Good Luck Mountain is a new beginning. Mike Ferrio's previous band, Tandy, was created in 1998. Tandy toured the Western world and received raves in publications such as No Depression, Harp, MOJO and Uncut. Their music was heard everywhere from the BBC to KCRW to Grey's Anatomy. In early 2008, Tandy multi-instrumentalist Drew Glackin died suddenly and unexpectedly from complications stemming from a thyroid condition. Drew's passing deeply affected Mike and his art... and effectively ended Tandy.

The debut album from Good Luck Mountain will be released on April 12, 2011, and will only be available on 12" vinyl. It is an art project for a friend. It is an ensemble recording featuring a collective made up of seasoned players from other bands including Konrad Meissner (The Silos, Matt Nathanson), Jason Mercer (Ron Sexsmith, Ani DiFranco), Sibel Firat (Pavement, Giant Sand, Fab Faux), Matt Mays (The Guthries, Matt Mays and El Torpedo), David Chernis (Star City, The Damnwells), and Ana Egge (Ana Egge). Also an important part of the Good Luck Mountain sound is the extraordinary violinist Eleanor Whitmore and viola by Lucy Hollier.

The band is categorized under "Alternative" for convenience sake only. The debut recording covers musical territories ranging from rock and soul to ambient. The songs are concerned largely with spiritual matters... life and death. In the words of Mike Ferrio himself, "It's a beautiful, odd-duck of a record that we made. The music is surprising even to me. Things pop out. I think the words point to the fact that we begin to see how precious our lives and relationships are when we give death its due."

Good Luck Mountain is already receiving raves from critics and peers. Legendary troubadour, Steve Earle, is an early and longtime Ferrio supporter, and Jim White continues to spread the word about his love for Mike and his music. This album is certainly another large step for Mike Ferrio as he continues to cement his reputation as one of the great American songwriters of our generation.