Hands Full Of Ink

Artist: The Tellers

Release Date: 08.03.10

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1. If I Say (Die With Me)
2. More
3. Want You Back (You Know, Suzie, They Say A Lot Of Things But You Only Know)
4. Penny
5. Confess
6. The Darkest Door
7. Prince Charly
8. Toodoo
9. Hugo
10. He Gets High
11. A Bit Of A Glue
12. Second Category
13. Memory
14. Holiness
15. Me Boy
16. Another Coin For...

Album Description

After several very successful releases around the world, the critically acclaimed and nearly flawless album, Hands Full Of Ink, by The Tellers will finally receive its official release in the United States in August of 2010. Upon its initial release in 2007, this band from Brussels, Belgium was quickly exposed to a large audience when their song, "Second Category" was used in a popular Canon commercial that ran all across Europe. Next, their song "More" was used in a FIFA World Cup video game and an Australian bank commercial. Each and every tune on this album is a little gem of pop/folk genius. Combining the best elements of The Libertines, Violent Femmes, The Kinks, and Cat Steven... The Tellers are poised to make a big splash in North America as they continue to win new fans & supporters across the globe.